Straight Revshare Online Income Calculator And Download Excel

Straight Revshare calculator . StraightRevshare ek online revenue share traffic exchange advertising company hai jisme aap money invest karke paise income karte hai.

Agar aap ye janna chahte hai ke Straight Revshare me ketna money invest karnese ketne month me ketnaa money profits hoga.

Is online calculator me aap asani ke sath Daily earning, Daily Profits, Referrals profits, Total ad packs, new adpack, expired packs etc.. Asani se calculate kar sakte hai.

Agar aap Straight Revshare calculator download excel me karna chahte hai to sabse niche download link diya hua hai aap niche jakar download karle.

Straight Revshare Online Income Calculator?

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straight revshare online calculator

This StraightRevshare  online calculator is for informational purpose only.
It DOES NOT reflect actual earnings.
Please wait 10 seconds for Calculator to upload.


How To Use StraightRevshare Calculator?

  1. Start Deposit: Is box me Money dale jetna paise aap invest karna chahte hai Straight Revshare revenue shearing advertising company me.
  2. Referrals Deposit: Agar aapke pass referral hai to uska money dale jetne se wo start kiya hai.
  3. Inter Total Referrals: Aapke pass total ketna referrals hai vo dale
  4. Inter Number of Days: Is box me Day ka dale jaise 50 din 100 din
  5. Total Deposits: Iss me aapne jetna paisa invest kiya hai vo dekhayega
  6. Total Withdrawal: Jetna money withdraw kiya hai vo show hoga.
  7. Referrals Total Deposit: Referrals ka Total investment show hoga.
  8. Your Referral Income: Jab aap number of day box me days dalenge to isme us date tak ka dekhayega.
  9. Your, Daily income: Isme aapka daily income show hoga jetna din dala hai box number 4 me.
  10. Yours total profits: isme Adpack or referrals mila kar jetna profits hoga vo dekayega.
  11. Date: Is column me aaj se lekar 1 year ka date show hoga.
  12. Day: Is column aap number 1 se lekar 366 din tak dekh sakte hai.
  13. Withdrawal: Aap ka achha profits hoga hai to Is column me withdraw money dal ke dekh sakte hai.
  14. Daily Profits: Is column me aap ka daily profits show hoga Adpacks ke hisab se.
  15. Daily Earning: Is column me ye dekh sakte hai adpacks ke hisab se daily ketna money earning horaha hai.
  16. Referrals Profits: aap ka jetna bhi referrals hai vo jab bhi adpacks buy karega to uska money Is column me show hoga.
  17. Excepted total profits: Adpack ke hisab se aapko ketna profits hora hai Is column me dekh sakte hai.
  18. Total AdPacks: $5 se lekar $50 tak jetna bhi ad packs hai vo Is column me show hoga.
  19. New AdPacks: Jab aapka money ad pack ke barab hojayega or aap koi new pack buy karenge to isme show hoga.
  20. AdPacks Expired: Jab aapke adpack ka expiry date  pura hojayega to vo is column me show hoga ke kena expire hua hai

StraightRevshare revenue share program me money income karne ke liye is type ke ad packs profits, referrals commission, membership, daily earning, and total profits plan hai.

Turn $1 into $1.10
Matures at 110%
Max Purchases 50
Daily Capping 22%
Pack Mature 5 Days
Surf Credits 50
No Requirements
Referral level 1 10%, level 2 5%.
Turn $5 into $6
Matures at 120%
Max Purchases 100
Daily Capping 7.5%
Ad Pack Mature 16 Days
PPC 10
Surf Ad Credits 100
50 Bronze Packs Required.
Turn $10 into $13
Matures at 130%
Max Purchases 250
Daily Capping 6.5%
Ad Pack Mature 20 Days
PPC 20
Surf Ad Credits 200
100 Silver Packs Required.
Turn $50 into $75
Matures at 150%
Max Purchases 1000
Daily Capping 5%
Ad Pack Mature 30 Days
PPC 50
Surf Ad Credits 500
100 Gold Packs Required.

To dosto aapko ye the Straight Revshare income online calculator kaisa laga. ab to aap is online calculator ko use kar ke janhi gaye honge ke StraightRevshare advertising company me, ketna paisa invest karenge to ketna income hoga.

Agar aapko is Straight Revshare calculator se related koi sawal hai to comment jarur kare. or isse excel format me download karna chahte hai to kar sakte hai.

Straight Revshare Calculator Download Excel

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